Pursuing an MBA in international business opens the door to many opportunities. The markets are increasingly becoming global and knowing how to conduct business worldwide is useful. The vast majority of large companies operate globally to some extent. This type of MBA will prepare you to conduct business across borders in virtually all fields of business ranging from management, finance, marketing, planning and more. Here we have listed a few of the benefits of achieving an MBA in International Business.

  1. New Markets
    Companies desiring to expand their market globally need to determine which market or markets are best for their products or services. What works at home may not work elsewhere. Finding and exploring new markets will require employing those with knowledge of the market or the ability to critically analyze potential markets.
  2. New Ways of Doing Business
    As more and more companies look to open their doors overseas, the demand for knowledge of international business will increase. The way of doing business in a company’s home country is often very different from how they should ideally conduct business in a foreign country. These companies will need knowledgeable personnel to guide them as they conduct business in new ways on foreign soil.
  3. Import, Export, Global Business
    A company can search the global market to source products or services at lower prices than they can find locally. They may want to expand their offerings by importing items, or widen their market by exporting a product they manufacture. This will require specialized knowledge that someone with an international MBA will be trained in.
  4. Opportunity to Live Abroad and Travel
    In addition to career benefits, obtaining an MBA in international business has the potential for personal benefits such as the opportunity to be paid for traveling and living abroad. If you have an adventurous spirit, this may be a great MBA for you. The prospect of international business literally opens the door to the whole world. With this kind of MBA you can focus on and apply for positions in the country of your choice.
  5. Fluency in a Second Language
    If the people in the country you work in speak a language different from your native tongue, you have the perfect opportunity to learn another language. Learning another language is rewarding both socially and economically. It also has certain anti-aging properties because learning a language exercises the brain in a way not many experience after learning their first language.
  6. New Cultures
    An MBA in international business offers the prospect of experiencing a completely new culture. Living in a country will immerse you in a foreign culture. Vacationing, reading and watching programs about other cultures can never give you the insider’s perspective that you will gain from having your boots on the ground in your new home.
  7. Jobs for the International MBA Graduate Specific jobs are suited to individuals holding MBAs in international business such as:
    • International sales representative;
    • Market research director;
    • Foreign trade (exports, imports) manager;
    • International account executive;
    • Multicultural development officer;
    • Natural resource policy analyst;
    • Corporate social responsibility officer;
    • International advertising executive/marketing specialist;
    • Consumer brand manager;
    • Community economic development advisor.

As you can see, an MBA in international business is valuable and the need for individuals who are globally skilled is always on the rise.

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