In this project I am going to discuss the role of the career/organizations in promoting positive attitudes to ageing and retirement, ethnic and cultural influences on the older person in relation to retirement, how health promotion and therapeutic interventions can enhance quality of life for person after retirement and discus how family members can be included as partners in care for the older person.

I am going to research this topic using the available material on the Internet, newspaper and healthcare articles, books, class notes and my own experience in the healthcare setting.

Main Body

The task of this assignment is to investigate the general area of life after employment for the older person focusing on the preparation for the retirement and the specific services available to older people such as lifelong learning, education and leisure. The project is going to cover the following topics:

  1. The role of the career/organizations in promoting positive attitudes to ageing and retirement


Ageing population – ROI (Source: McGill, P. Illustrating Ageing in Ireland North and South: Key Facts and Figures. Belfast: Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland, 2010)

  • At the 2006 census, there were 468,000 people aged 65+ (11% of the population)
  • By 2041, there will be 1.4 million aged 65 and over (22% of the population).  Life expectancy at birth is 76.8 years for men and 81.6 years for women.
  • 95% of men and women aged 70 and over rate their health as very good (19%), good (50%) or fair (26%).
  • 9.1% of people aged 65 and over are still in employment (Q2 2009).

Since 2007 Ireland has experienced a faster rate of growth in population aged 65 and older than other EU countries in an increased by 32.8%. As of Wednesday, October 9, 2019, the current population of Ireland is 4,897,558 (based on the Worldometers elaboration of the latest United Nations data).

Ageing is a continuous biological process and though it cannot be stopped or reversed and many are denied it, is a privilege to experience. Healthy ageing means opportunities that good physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial health and also well-being of an ageing person would benefit from. The concept of healthy ageing might be difficult to grasp for some people, especially those who are disabled or physically unfit when they retire. In Ireland, in general people are living longer with many living healthier lives into old age, Unfortunately in order to help them live healthy, fulfilling and active lives, many challenges related to health, social and economic matters still need to be addressed as that trend is not universal across all boards (as per 2007 statistics, the number of years a man was expected to live in poor health had risen from 9.5 to 14.7 and for a woman from 11.3 years to 16.8 years between 1999 and 2007). This increase in longevity is expected to cause serious implications on healthcare demands and expenditure

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