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Book Review of Dr. John’s ‘Pollution’


Dr. John’s ‘Pollution’ consists of 3 major parts. The first part is all about the polluted ocean.
The second being about the pollution of the sky. The third part is an in- depth study of how
humans can resolve these issues. The book is а piece of non-fiction that focuses on modem-day
pollution ordeals faced Ьу both animals and humans on Planet Earth. It also focuses on climate
change, being the result of the global pollution ordeal.
“А new island has formed in the ocean, entirely out of trash. It is bad news for the fish.” This
quote from Dr. John illustrated the tidal currents in the middle of the Pacific ocean where а
floating island has emerged. It is entirely made from the garbage and waste that has been dumped
in the sea over the decades. The location is where all tidal cuпents meet in the Pacific ocean. This
implies that the marine-life has been widely affected in the suпounding area of this vast trash
island. Thus, pollution in the sea has gone literally out of control.

“The deep Ыuе sea is now the deep dark sea. Fish and other sea creatures are dying in
numbers.” This quote implies that the ocean was once а vast Ыuе giant body of water, full of life.
Now, it is а hoпor story. It is full of trash and pollution. Fish are being killed with the most minor
of trash. Some species of fish are becoming instinct. This includes the dolphin – which is not а
fish. But, it is а sea-creature of the urge of extinction if humans do nothing about their haЬits
which cause pollution for these poor animals.
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“The darkest place on Earth is now the ocean. With oil leakages poisoning the immaculate
Ыuе waters.” This quote implies that the spillages of oil reserves and oil rigs are а growing
proЫem causing harm to all kinds of marine life. The sea is becoming Ыackened with oil
naturally staining the immaculate, crystal clear waters. Не then talks about the Middle Eastem oil
spillages. “The seas of the Middle Earth are the most cause for concem.” In which, most of the
AraЬian Gulf is smothered in Ыасk oil stains.

In the second part of the book, Dr. John begins to talk about pollution in the sky. “The number
of aircrafts in the sky is growing every day. This is also а growing concem.” Dr. John is implying
that the rising number of commercial flights is polluting the sky. Thus, both plants and animals are
affected. With mass chemtrails, the air on the planet’s surface is slowly becoming contaminated
with poisonous fumes and harmful gases. These things are not good for humans, wildlife, and

“With the rise of factories, the air is sometimes hard to breathe.” The writer is implying that
pollution from nuclear power stations is also а rising proЫem. It is making the air polluted in an
extreme way, more than commercial flights. “In а Nepalese city, they wear masks. Because the air
is very misty with fumes.” implying the air is completely polluted to the extent that the general
population is required to wear facial masks in order not to Ье exposed to the extreme amounts of
poisonous fumes and pollution. It also implies the air is all full of visiЫe poisonous gases and
fumes, making vision difficult in these areas.

“Bird fall out of the sky.” This quote is the most heartbreaking to read. It has gotten to the
extent where mass amounts of birds fall from the sky. This tragedy is а common occuпence in the
most polluted cities in the United States, as well as Asia and all over the world. If nothing is done
the Ьirds could become completely instinct. Thus, seeds would not spread so easily, and many
flowers and different types of plants will seize to spread.

The third part is the solution. As Dr. John states “We need to change our ways, completely and
urgently.” Implies that we are the answer to our prayers. All we are required to do is make some
minor changes to our lifestyles, reduce the number of commercial flights and factories, shut down
all nuclear power stations and switch to eco-friendly methods.
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In conclusion, Dr. John’s book titled ‘Pollution’ is а true eye-opener for anyone. Some things
are not reported as often as they should Ье. The pollution in the sea is а growing proЫem, with
vast amounts of sea-life becoming extinct every decade. The same goes for land, and this applies
to all animals. Including us. We are the answer to our prayers, all we have to do is change our
ways – before we destroy this planet. The author implies that we only have one Earth, let’s look
after it. The book is definitely worth а read to any audience.

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