Charts and analytical data on the tablet screen with a cup of coffee and a telephone in the background[/caption]The idea of pursuing an MBA can be a difficult thought. Actually, it pretty much sucks. It is often associated with serious, complicated work that can be daunting for onlookers. While it can stand for a bright future, it can also stand for “More Bad Academics.” However, don’t fear! Today, we are going to discuss the different types of business administration master’s programs you can pursue. Are you ready? Let’s go.

1. Two-Year MBA

The most basic MBA program is a two-year program. Like most master’s programs, it takes two years and requires full-time work. This works really well for people who prefer traditional schooling, as most master’s programs are the same length. You get to experience classes during the weekdays just like an undergraduate student, and usually, you must earn sixty credits.

2. Accelerated MBA

As the old saying goes – time is money. There are accelerated MBA programs which allow you to complete your coursework in just one year. Of course, this is pretty strenuous. You have to complete the same amount of work as you would in a two-year program in half the time; yikes! If you have the time, it’s doable; however, it’s not an easy task.

3. Part-Time MBA

The different MBA programs available are usually all about time. In this case, a part-time MBA program works exactly like it sounds – part-time. This means that you will end up completing your program in three or more years depending on how many classes you take at a time. It can take long, but it allows you to be more flexible with your schedule.

4. Evening MBA

If you have a stable job, it’s definitely hard to attend school. For this reason, this kind of program exists. An evening MBA program lets you get your degree in two years, but instead of taking classes during the daylight hours, you take them during the evening. Again, this works best for people who are working professionals trying to further their careers. Nonetheless, it works.

5. Modular MBA

This kind of MBA is delivered in blocks. It is basically a part-time program that feeds you chunks of information with breaks in between. For example, you may be given a load of classes that last one to three weeks. Afterwards, you will have a break to give you a chance to rest your mind. This is quite different from traditional education style; however, it works.

There are so many different kinds of MBA programs out there. We hope you pick the right one, because not all pathways are the same. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are going to be a part or full-time student. Are you planning on going straight from your undergraduate program to your master’s? A two-year or accelerated program might work out the best for you. Do you have a job? If so, maybe you should try an evening or modular MBA program. Whatever the case, there are MBA programs out there designed to work with everyone’s lifestyle. What is your lifestyle? And again, are you ready? Let’s go.

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If you’re thinking about getting a master’s degree in social work, you should consider getting your degree online. Why? Well, there are tons of advantages that will make your life easier and make you stress less. For example, you can save money, have more flexibility in your life, and gain the same benefits you would get from getting an on-campus education. If you’ve never considered it, you might be missing out.

Here are 5 opportunities when you have to pursue your master’s degree in social work online:

  1. Boston University
    Boston University has been around for almost a century and educates those looking to be professionals in an intellectual, academic environment. It offers degrees in clinical and macro social work for those seeking work in these areas of the social work field. Additionally, there are three different tracks students can follow depending on what level of expertise they desire to rise to. Each program also consists of an internship aimed at giving students the necessary field experience.
  2. Fordham University
    Fordham University is pretty straightforward. They offer a MSW program (as well as a hybrid MSW program) that focuses on clinical and macro practice similar to Boston University. Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time education, both options are available.
  3. University at Buffalo
    One thing that is great about the University at Buffalo is that they let you customize your course schedules according to your interests more than other schools. You get to design your path of study from core and elective classes that focus on the specific area of the social work field you are looking to go into. Some (but not all) areas of study will require some on campus work, but others will let you do everything from home. If that appeals to you, this university is definitely worth looking into.
  4. University of Tennessee
    The online MSSW program offered at the University of Tennessee is taught by the same professionals who teach their face-to-face classes. Some people worry they are getting worse quality education through the internet; however, this is not the case here. Also, there are three different courses of study which give you options to attend part-time and full-time. And during the study, you will complete some work on your own with live meetings and study sessions through the internet.
  5. Arizona State University
    Another opportunity worth mentioning is the program at Arizona State University. They provide a basic MSW course that lets you work with experts through a vibrant learning platform. You get to participate in the online program as well as endure a hands-on program that puts you straight into the field. It is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and gets the job done while helping you get the job done.

There are tons of opportunities out there. The traditional method of getting a college education is slowly going out of style, and there is no reason for you to not jump on board. At the very least, it’s worth considering. These are just five of the opportunities that are out there; of course, there are plenty more. And remember, there are several advantages to taking online courses. You won’t break the bank, you won’t have to skip work, and you’ll gain a sufficient education. The first step is not too far away. Are you ready to take that leap? Don’t think too hard. Just jump.

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