Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students 

Our narrative essay writing service can take care of your other assignments while you explore these fun compare-and-contrast essay topics for high school students. Our goal is to assist you in academic writing and getting better grades. Good topics for compare and contrast essays will increase your chance of getting an A+. Check out the list below:

  • Classroom learning vs. online learning
  • The benefits of studying abroad vs. at local colleges
  • The practice of sports vs. musical instruments in high school
  • British English vs. Australian English
  • The works of Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King
  • Great Gatsby vs. The Sun Also rises
  • Queen Elizabeth vs. Queen Victoria
  • English vs. Spanish colonization
  • Ancient Greek vs. Roman religions
  • The summer vs. winter Olympics
  • Life in a big city vs. a small village
  • The advantages vs. disadvantages of using cars and public transportation
  • Fossil fuels vs. renewable energy
  • The effects of exercise vs. diet
  • The effects of tea vs. coffee on the human body
  • Fast food vs. homemade meals
  • Social media’s impact on young vs. old people
  • The importance of mental health in a younger vs. older generation
  • The appeal of movies vs. television shows
  • The styles vs. influences of rock music and hip hop

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students 

If you are looking for compare and contrast essay topics for college students, check the list below. We offer some of the best compare-and-contrast essay topics to make your paper stand out in the class!

  • Compare and contrast the global impact of World War I and World War II
  • Compare and contrast the values of the American Revolution era and Modern American society
  • Compare and contrast the free speech politics in The United States and the Soviet Union
  • Compare and contrast the goals of feminist movements in the West and Eastern countries
  • Compare and contrast the economic systems of socialism and capitalism
  • Compare and contrast the influence of British Imperialism in the States and India
  • Compare and contrast the politics of Barack Obama and Joe Biden
  • Compare and contrast the goals of the civil rights movement and the feminist movement
  • Compare and contrast the influence of the Impressionist and Surrealist art movements
  • Compare and contrast the political ideas of Plato and Aristotle
  • Compare and contrast the meaning of power in Michel Foucault and Franz Kafka’s works
  • Compare and contrast parental control and total freedom
  • Compare and contrast the advantages of being an only child and having siblings
  • Compare and contrast the influence of family members and friends in decision making
  • Compare and contrast religions opposing traditional medical procedures
  • Compare and contrast the results of genetic engineering in agriculture and medicine
  • Compare and contrast the benefits of morning exercise and evening exercise
  • Compare and contrast the impact of hard drugs and alcohol
  • Compare and contrast the effects of coffee and energy drinks on sleep pattern
  • Compare and contrast the benefits of working from home and the office

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Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

While a descriptive essay writer will be handling your history assignment, let us explore the easy compare-and-contrast essay topics that will make your writing process smooth and effortless!

Below you will find a list of funny compare-and-contrast essay topics to lift your mood and relieve academic stress.

  • The influence of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan on Basketball
  • The impact of Salvador Dali vs. Pablo Picasso on art
  • The impact of Michael Jackson vs. Madonna on pop culture
  • The influence of Steve Jobs vs. Elon Musk on the Tech world
  • The different aspects of Christmas vs. Hanukah
  • The gender roles in American vs. Arab societies
  • The influence of Facebook vs. Twitter
  • The popularity of American football vs. soccer
  • The health benefits of British vs. American breakfasts
  • The benefits of consuming wheat vs. corn grain
  • The social life of middle school students vs. university students
  • Essay writing vs. academic paper writing
  • The intelligence of human beings vs. dolphins
  • The social behavior of introverts vs. extraverts
  • Real-life communications vs. online texting
  • The life of the rich vs. poor in New York City
  • The beauty ideals of the modern world vs. the ’90s
  • The messages behind modern vs. ’20s commercials
  • Find similarities and differences between paper books and e-books
  • Find similarities and differences between podcasts and radio shows

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 

For more great compare-and-contrast ideas, check out our psychology compare-and-contrast essay topics list that will sharpen your analytical skills!

  • The effects of Anorexia vs Bulimia
  • Social anxiety vs. agoraphobia
  • The effects of social media on mental health vs. its impact on physical health
  • The theories of Freud vs. Jung on the human ego
  • The theories of Jean Piaget vs. Erik Erikson on child development
  • The effects of nature versus nurture on character development
  • The effects of positive reinforcement vs. punishment on behavior
  • The theories of evolutionary psychology vs. social learning theory on human behavior
  • The success of group therapy vs. individual therapy
  • The methodologies in the treatment of depression in medication vs. therapy
  • The approaches to the treatment of phobias in exposure therapy vs. virtual reality therapy
  • The theories of motivation in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs vs. Self-Determination Theory
  • The approaches to the treatment of OCD in medication vs. therapy
  • Find differences and similarities in Ego and Superego
  • The effects of real-life violence vs. video game violence on child development
  • Dyslexia vs. dysgraphia
  • The Milgram Obedience Experiment vs. the Stanford Prison Experiment
  • The love languages of human beings vs. chimps
  • Affection vs. infatuation
  • The physical vs. mental needs of a human being

Movie Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Some of the most exciting topics to compare and contrast in an essay come from pop culture. 

Below you can explore movie compare and contrast essay topics: 

  • Watching movies at home vs. in a cinema
  • The influence of Orson Welles vs. Stanley Kubrick on cinematography
  • The influence of Star Wars vs. Harry Potter on pop culture
  • The critical acclaim of Titanic vs. Avatar
  • The gender roles in Persepolis vs. The Breadwinner
  • The humor of stand-up vs. sitcoms
  • Horror films vs. thrillers
  • The importance of friendship in Harry Potter vs. The Lord of the Rings
  • The experience of watching horror movies alone vs. with other people
  • The influence of science fiction movies vs. documentaries
  • The experience of 2D vs. 3D movies
  • The adaptations of Pride and Prejudice into a movie vs. a television series
  • The performances of Meryl Streep vs. Viola Davis in their roles as strong female characters
  • The character development of The Dark Knight vs. Iron Man
  • The portrayal of World War II in Saving Private Ryan vs. Schindler’s List
  • The musical numbers and performances in La La Land vs. Singing in the Rain
  • The portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn vs. Marilyn
  • The plots and themes of The Notebook vs. A Walk to Remember
  • The visual effects and action scenes of Interstellar vs. Gravity
  • The comedic value of Dared My Best Friend to Ruin My Life vs. Don’t Look Up

Controversial Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Although comparing two or more subjects can be challenging, they make interesting compare-and-contrast essay topics.

Here you can find controversial compare-and-contrast essay topics that will spark your readers’ attention as soon as they see the paper title:

  • Negative vs. positive impacts of religion on people
  • The pros and cons of gun control laws
  • The effectiveness of different approaches to reducing poverty
  • The arguments for and against universal healthcare
  • The arguments for and against capital punishment
  • The benefits and shortcomings of GMOs in agriculture
  • The arguments for and against animal testing for medical and scientific research
  • The approaches to immigration reform in the United States
  • The arguments for and against corporate social responsibility
  • The arguments for and against using stem cells from embryos
  • The arguments for and against the use of military force to solve international conflicts by the US
  • The benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy subsidies and fossil fuel subsidies
  • The benefits and drawbacks of free trade agreements and protectionist trade policies
  • The arguments for and against compulsory voting
  • The arguments for and against trans athletes
  • The arguments for and against taxing the rich
  • UK economics after Brexit
  • The effects of mandatory vaccination
  • The benefits and shortcomings of owning a cryptocurrency
  • The benefits and disadvantages of minimum wage laws 

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