Aldrine was already hitting his mid-30’s and the pressure from parents and
peers was building up fast. While he admitted that marriage was an essential rite of
passage, he was also keen not to marry an entirely incompatible partner with whom
he would struggle all through adulthood. The father was already losing patience and
several of his peers had been sent with threats that he would eventually be ostracized.

Aldrine’s only object of desire was a college lady by the Name Millicent. She
was of the millennial age, backed with enough ego and the feeling that she could not
be yoked into a patriarchal society in the name of marriage. On the brighter side,
however, she was a loving and caring lady that was willing to commit as long as she
met an androgynous man.
Aldrine came from a patriarchal society where women were treated as
subordinates. It was believed that no matter how the society tried to emancipate
women, they were a weaker sex that was subject to subjugation. Aldrine weighed all
his options and decided to propose to Millicent. In their agreement, Aldrine was to
shell his patriarchal upbringing and instead adopt an androgynous nature. They
agreed that at some point he would wash dishes, do the laundry, cook an even prepare
the meals and the kids when they eventually had some.
Upon realization, Aldrine was turned into an object of scorn and his manhood
was ridiculed. His ego was deeply hurt and Aldrine experienced a flawed sense of
self-esteem. For a period of three years, he could not set foot at home. Inasmuch as
Aldrine was happy and satisfied with his prospective wife in the urban area, it was
disheartening that his father could not approve of the marriage. It was yet another
Creative Essay The Rise Of An Androgynous Society
difficult thing to transition from a patriarchal society into being an androgynous man
that would assume feminine roles when necessary.
Aldrine spent his first five years of marriage without a meaningful social
circle. At the back of his mind, however, he had the belief that being androgynous
would not make him less of a man. In the information age, there was need for
equality, which would eventually pave way for the recognition and expression of
mutual respect towards women.
The couple gave birth to the first two children and their love grew bifold. The
society that expected Aldrine to be trumped upon by his wife regressed into a state of
confusion as their mutual respect solidified by the day. Although it began as a gradual
process, upcoming generations began embracing the concept of being androgynous
and the patriarchal society began weakening at a steady rate. Through the belief
system of one man, the society began recognizing women and giving them equal
The years that followed saw massive enrollment of the girl-child into schools.
Employers began considering women for top opportunities as Millicent too went
round to sermonize the power of women. They eventually had a voice in society and
vices such as female genital mutilation were abolished. The family that had initially
rejected and ridiculed Aldrine grew remorseful. The generations that followed would
easily accept women as equal partners in a relationship and this helped to strengthen
the marriage institution that already crumbled. Aldrine’s neighborhood recovered
from a state of economic regression as more and more women contributed
meaningfully towards development.
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