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Evaluate organizational behavior and leadership on performance.ScenarioYou work for A&M Strategies as an Organizational Behavioral Strategist. Your role is to evaluate and develop organizational design and business processes strategies. You have been assigned a current project that requires a deep dive into organizational behavior and leadership concepts and how the implementation of these concepts could improve overall performance. You have been asked to create a business research report that contains a thorough analysis of organizational behavior and leadership for an upcoming strategic planning meeting with A&M leadership.


Write a business research report that addresses the following:

  • Define organizational behavior.

  • Summarize organizational behavior’s impact on performance.

  • Discuss at least two different leadership practices that impact organizational performance.Explain the importance of “cultural intelligence” on organizational performance.

  • Provides attribution for credible sources used in the business report.
Use the Writing Lab for timely feedback to help you fine-tune your deliverable before you submit it for grading:


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