Once a student has completed writing a dissertation, it is required to defend a dissertation to reviewers. Dissertation defense is not an easy task, especially if the student does not know what information to present. It is important as a student that you prepare in advance before defending your dissertation. Being in close contact with your instructor is advised, since the instructor will assist you in correcting parts of your thesis that may bring out issues during your dissertation defense. Your instructor will help you to know the kind of questions that you will be asked during your dissertation defense. In that case, present a copy of the dissertation you intend to present to your instructor. Questions may arise from your methodology, the relevance of your sources, and the interpretation of your results. Originality of your dissertation will also be checked during your dissertation defense.

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A dissertation defense presentation usually lasts for ten to fifteen minutes. Thus, when preparing your dissertation defense slides, it is important that you create minimal and comprehensive slides. The dissertation defense slides should be readable and include graphs or diagrams where necessary. Make sure that your slides cover all the sections of the dissertation. The following are tips on how to present a thesis defense: prepare presentation slides that are relevant to the issue or topic discussed in your dissertation; avoid including irrelevant information in the slides during your thesis paper defense; prior to the day of your dissertation defense, present your work to friends; this is important since it will assist you in timing and knowing the kind of questions you might be asked on your day of dissertation defense.

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Before you begin your thesis paper defense, make sure that all the materials required for the presentation are available and in working condition. During your dissertation defense, begin with the issue or the problem that made you conduct the research. In your dissertation defense, it will be suicidal not knowing what your dissertation entails. At times, the dissertation is lengthy and with the help of your supervisor, you can choose areas that are of more importance and include them in your presentation slides. Describe the method used to conduct your research, the findings, and their relevance to the issue or the problem. In your dissertation proposal defense, discuss the significance or implications of your findings. Our dissertation writing service will help with writing your dissertation or thesis online, with prices starting at $20/page. Just contact our company and get your paper written by PhD and Master’s writers!

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Stay calm and concentrated during your dissertation defense. Listen carefully to the questions being asked by the review panel. In most cases, the questions asked in the dissertation defense relate to what you are presenting. Some questions are difficult to answer or incomprehensible, it is important that you do not fake an answer in the dissertation defense. If you are not sure of the answer, acknowledge that you do not know it or rather ask the review panel to paraphrase it. Be courageous – when you want to defend a dissertation in the best way, have courage. Fear can make you even forget what you were about to present. With the above-mentioned tips, you can defend your thesis paper in a way that it will attract attention from the reviewing panel. Feel free to order a custom dissertation at MastersThesisWriting.com and defend your paper with excellence!

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