For many years, gun possession and control have been prominent and largely discussed topics in many countries across the world. This topic is easily debatable as there are many controversial opinions in regards to it, and this is exactly why this topic is so good for writing an essay.

Thanks to the complexity and global importance of this subject, many students are facing the need to write a gun control essay. How do you do it right and get an excellent grade? In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide with plenty of handy tips and tricks to show you.

Gun Control Definition

So, you were assigned to write an essay about gun control. Where should you start? First and foremost, it is vital to ensure that you understand the concept of gun control pretty clearly before you can shape your opinion on the matter and make any statements.

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In a nutshell, the term gun control refers to a set of laws and regulations that control gun manufacturing, transfer, possession, use, and other related matters within a specific legislation.

The situation with gun control in most countries across the globe is restrictive. Most legislations keep the possession and use of firearms under strict control, making gun possession a privilege—meaning that only limited groups of civilians are allowed to buy and use firearms.

However, there are still some countries that have permissive gun control regimes. One of such countries is the USA. Due to the country’s colonial history and pretty developed gun culture, people in most US areas are allowed to possess firearms. That’s why the debate about gun control is especially profound and serious in the USA.

At this point, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects the civilians’ firearms ownership rights, which often serves as the core argument against gun control laws in this country. Meanwhile, people who are pro gun control, claim that the right to possess and use firearms is not unlimited and that certain restrictions and proper procedures should be implemented to restrict specific groups of people and places to possess them.

Debate Side Choice

To begin with, learn more about firearms regulations in general and find commonly used arguments for each side of the debate. Actually, at the heart of the dispute on this subject, a philosophical question lies; if gun possession is a right or a privilege? And there are a lot of other questions that arise from this one that should be properly regulated, including questions about: gun possession, manufacturing, use, trade, transfer, responsibility for misuse and etc.

Here are some overall arguments of gun control proponents:

  • firearms regulation laws reduce the amount of gun deaths;
  • most guns used in crimes were obtained officially and not from gun dealers (up to 90% in the USA);
  • and possession of guns increases the number of firearm accidents and domestic violence.

Opponents could apply to the following general ideas:

  • possession of guns is the best way to insure self-defense;
  • gun control would not change anything, it will only increase the availability of guns through the black market;
  • and education on guns and gun safety will be more effective than increased firearms regulation.

Some people think that the amount of arguments on their side makes their position stronger, but what really matters is the quality of those arguments. The better the argument is, the harder it will be to challenge it. So, what is a good, strong argument? Firstly, it needs to be clearly stated and easy to understand. Secondly, a strong argument is backed with evidence and facts, rather than emotions. Thirdly, it should be based on reliable sources and contain resource links if your argument is for an essay. Let’s take a look at some strong and weak argument examples:

Strong argument: The population of the USA is 319 million people and the number of firearms owned by US citizens is 371 million [resource link]—in fact, there are more guns than people.
Weak argument: There are more guns than people in the USA.

Strong argument: The study conducted in Israel in 2010 shows that the restriction of access to guns decreased suicide rates by 40%.
Weak argument: Many studies show connection between gun control and decrease of suicide rates.

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Gun Control Essay Types

There are several types of gun control essays that students can be faced with writing. Each type of paper has certain distinctive features and peculiarities, which is why it is crucial to see the differences to be able to handle this task.

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