Here is a sample outline for an essay on why people need to embrace cloud computing:

I. Introduction
A. Overview of cloud computing technology
B. Importance of cloud computing in the modern world
C. Purpose of the essay
D. Thesis statement

II. Benefits of cloud computing
A. Increased efficiency and productivity
B. Cost savings
C. Accessibility and mobility
D. Scalability and flexibility

III. Cloud computing in various industries
A. Business and commerce
B. Healthcare and medicine
C. Education and research
D. Government and public sector

IV. Common concerns and misconceptions about cloud computing
A. Security and privacy concerns
B. Dependence on internet connectivity
C. Reliance on third-party service providers
D. Misunderstandings about the nature of cloud computing

V. Addressing concerns and overcoming obstacles to adoption
A. Understanding the security measures in place
B. Improving internet connectivity and infrastructure
C. Evaluating and choosing reliable service providers
D. Improving education and awareness about cloud computing

VI. Conclusion
A. Summary of key points
B. Reiteration of the importance of embracing cloud computing
C. Final thoughts on the future of cloud computing and its role in shaping our lives.

Note: This outline can be customized and expanded based on the specific requirements and focus of the essay.

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