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I was just listening to some music in my car as I rested and waited for my grandmother to
finish up so that we could drive off. From the other side of the roadё there were some kids playing
football, and I had not given it much thought since they were just playing-a regular activity. For а
moment, 1 thought I had heard а sound made Ьу а hard-kicked ball, followed Ьу some noise from
the children. Then, 1 decided to look through the window to see how far the ball had gone. Before
1 could even move an inch, another even louder sound, which shook my car, came from the
playground. That is when I felt fear all throughout ту body and I started sweating profusely, even
though I was still not quite sure enough about what had just happened.

1 slowly raised my head to check out what was going on. То ту surprise, two boys, both of
whom were about the same height, were lying in а pool ofЫood. 1 realized that there was а Ыасk
vehicle parked just behind my car, and, within the Ыink of an еуе, the car drove past те as quickly
as it could. 1 couldn’t even gather my strength, and my heart was beating so fast that I could hear it

А crowd had now started to gather around, but then I realized that my grandmother was
nowhere to Ье found. Му legs started shaking and questions started rushing through my mind.
Could it have been Grandma? Could she have been taken Ьу the whomever had done it? Or
perhaps, was she too frightened to соте out of the house? 1 collected myself and started slowly
walking toward the house. Before I got far, 1 heard а voice calling out for me.Of course, it was my
grandmother. We were both walking in opposite directions.

1 had quickly tumed and had started walking toward her when the same vehicle I had seen
some few minutes ago came speeding across the street again. As they navigated their way off of
the street to avoid other cars, they started driving toward my.
Grandmother at high speed. I couldn’t open my eyes and couldn’t process what was happening
in the moment. 1 heard а loud sound, and I knew ту granny was in trouЫe. Fortunately, the саг
had lost control, but hadn’t hit her. The саг hit а tree in one of the compounds.

All of this had shaken me up. Ву the look of the саг, the accident was fatal-since they were
speeding and the саг had been crushed. 1 reached out for my grandma and took her to my саг. She
was also in shock and it was too much for her to take in. I did not feel comfortaЫe simply driving
away and leaving the injured culprits. 1 went back and asked if there was anyone from the vehicle
that was still alive. Only one had survived the accident, but unfortunately, his leg was stuck
between the seats. I waited а bit longer as others came to help me try to save the man. It took us а
couple of minutes, and since no medical service had соте to our rescue, 1 drove the victim to the
hospital. 1 tried my best, but couldn’t keep my hands on the steering wheel. 1 asked for help; the
whole time tremЫing as my heart was racing.
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