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Read each paragraph and give me your opinion on each paragraph if you agree or disagree with them .


The emphasis on disaster has changed over time due to the prevalence in how the disasters are now portrayed. Many years ago before social media, things happened around the world that we may not have known about. We now have access to so many more avenues of communication with people across the world. Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are all outlets that can collectively build awareness about a situation. Currently we are using social media to “contribute to situational awareness during a crisis” (Castillo (2016)) which allows us to be more in the “now” and present with things that are happening.

Because of this new found “awareness” we have a responsibility to react and learn about ways to prevent future happenings. Funds are now raised for the families that have been affected by hurricanes by GoFundMe pages that can be sent across the world in seconds. Restaurants can get a message out that free meals will provided to those in need, or hotels offering shelter can be announced for all to see.

With the future brings more accountability and awareness. The Australian Journal of Emergency Management describes their upcoming conference as a discussion on the “age of accountability in disaster management.” The agenda touches upon how to prepare for a disaster from experts as well as seminars from the victims of a disaster to touch upon how everyone could be affected at some point. We can no longer live in a bubble and remain unaware of what goes on because with the trends in technology and the expansion of getting real time data out to the public, we have no excuses to not be a part of the future solutions even if that means learning how to be prepared.


As referenced in unit one readings, the emphasis on disaster has changed by making the country more reactive than proactive in my opinion. Many years ago, and now mostly in part to newer technology creating more possible crisis outcomes, main “disasters” were merely thought of as natural disasters. While we have some of the technology to combat and keep up with tracking terrorism or monitoring for actions, funding departments we may not be familiar with, we also have allowed the technology to possibly be used against us. Thirty-five years ago, for example, we had not been familiar with the World Wide Web. Looking back, I wouldn’t have imaged I would be able to deposit a check, change my home thermostat or lock my front door with a cell phone. Twenty years ago, for example, while most of us may have had a cell phone, it merely called people, sent a text message by pressing 1 – three times for a letter ‘A’, and if you had a Nokia, you could play a fancy game called snake.

Looking back from where we were 20 or 30 years ago, I can’t even imagine what our new future ‘disaster’ may be, however now that we have robots that vacuum our floors, I would guess it we would be looking at biomedical warfare. We already have genetic tests, and who knows our science and technology is increasing so fast, we could all be chipped like pets in 10 years.

I do see global warming a huge crisis in rising sea levels, and increased fire management. If you remember back not too long ago to the fire in California, I had thought I had heard that an electric -utility company was to blame for bad connections that actually started the fire. I do see a common theme and that is business greed fuels non-natural disasters, and in some cases could be leading to natural disasters.


Summary of chosen article:

For this discussion, I chose an article from the Capella Library. The article is found in The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Food Labels, title Trans Fats.

The article’s definition is that trans fats aka trans fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acid with at least one double bond. A double bond is called the trans configuration. One of the pros of trans fats is they have a longer shelf life and increased stability during deep frying.

There are two types of fats and they are saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fat is generally solid instead of liquid at room temp. Saturated fats can be found in many animal products such as meat and dairy. Unsaturated fats are normally liquid at room temp. Unsaturated fats include canola, sunflower, nut, flaxseed and olive oils.

According to the article trans fatty acids are found in the American diet through industrialized partially hydrogenated oils used in deep-fried foods, bakery products, packaged snack foods, margarine, and crackers.

The article concludes with explaining the main effects of trans fatty acids when consumed can cause raised levels of LDL cholesterol, reduce levels of HDL cholesterol and increases the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol. All of the above are risk factors for coronary artery disease.

Answers to the following questions:

  • Do you think the article presents sufficient scientific evidence to support its claims? Why or why not?


I chose to address the article, “Why trans fats became a food villain” by Bethany Brookshire.

To summarize what I have read:

It was thought that trans fats were the best things for heart health and overall health. The fats coming from vegetables were seemingly better than those from animal fats because of they are unsaturated and free of hydrogen atoms. Problems started to show up when saturated fats were omitted and only unsaturated fats were consumed. There as an increase in other health conditions; leaving the body in need of other fatty acids such as from animals, which was previously said to be bad fats.

I do believe the article presents sufficient scientific evidence because it gave models and research that show the molecular and atomic makeup of how hydrogen, carbons, atoms and molecules come together in the body. It also shows conducted studies of how the fatty acids affect the good and bad cholesterol levels in he body.

To check the facts I would study the amount of hydrogen in vegetables (plants) verses the amount in animals and then get test subjects in overall good health to consume different amounts of saturated and unsaturated fats to determine how much the levels of good and bad cholesterols are affected.

I do consider the article to be reliable because they have shown evidence from the FDA that trans fats are not good for the heart, yet while consumed with saturated fats, diet and exercise will make for a healthier levels in the body.

All of the evidence points to manufactured trans fats being banned but I believe that it is of personal choice. The article proves why these trans fats alone are bad for the molecular makeup of our bodies; they continue to add other components that lead to the same outcome.


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