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The lecture started off with а quote: “in life we can conquer space, we can conquer world hunger” –
Buzz Aldrin. This quote had already got me thinking about how incrediЫe of а feat it is that we’ve
sent humans and animals into space. If it’s possiЫe to survive in the infinite vacuum we know
as Space, how are there billions of people who have а hard time surviving on Earth? This
relatively simple idea reached out to get my attention and make те feel sympathy for all of the
starving children and families in the world. On а morning like any other, our guest professor gave
а lecture that truly impacted те to ту core.
At the start of the lecture, 1 was surprised to leam just how many countries around the world
there are who don ‘t have access to clean water, medical services, and basic education. Around
22,000 children die from poverty every day, globally – that’s about 8 million per year. About 1.2
billion of the world’s population are now living in extreme poverty conditions. 1 think everyone is
aware that poverty exists in our world, but it was more of а shock to me to fшd out the overall
impact of that poverty on your likeliness to survive, and just how prevalent poverty is in our
world. Why did this depress me to such an extent, and why did I feel soпow when it looked like
many of the students around me had not felt the same way? Perhaps it was the underlying idea I’ve
had that unfortunate circumstances could materialize with anyone as а result of chance – possiЬly
an idea only present in my mind at the time as а result of the unfortunate circumstances 1 have
encountered in the past. It felt а Ьit weird that I appeared to Ье more sensitive to the situation than
my peers.
It is relatively shocking, to me, to consider that in our country we all have access to clean
water, food, medical care, education, and more. 1 felt truly saddened to learn about the way these
people are forced to live. Not only do people live this way in а few countries, but dozens of
countries; primarily in South America, Africa and Asia. Not just that, but some European
countries are also living in extreme conditions.
Our guest professor, Angela Jones from the University of Austin, had witnessed the type of
poverty we’ve been talking about first-hand. She showed us videos of herself helping poor
children in Djibouti. They were all very young, and they looked like they were only made up of
skin and bones. It was my first time seeing people like this, and I was quite shocked. 1 can’t
imagine what it must Ье like for them, but I can imagine how upset and sad the volunteers on the
video might have been; it is how I felt just Ьу watching the video.

Throughout the lecture Angela asked us to brainstorm ways to support these children in
Djibouti and other third-world countries. Upon being asked, 1 felt а sense of tranquility and relief,
as thinking of ways to help save millions of lives would alleviate the soпow I was feeling. 1 could
hear some people muttering the same thought I was having: “what could we do to help them
without physically going to that country to support them?” То me, these proЫems felt like а world
away from us, without any solution.
Angela showed us another video of а lady helping а two year old Ьоу, who also looked
severely malnourished. Then Angela showed us another piece of footage, which was taken three
years later. In this footage, it was the same Ьоу who was now five years old. Не was clothed and
looked healthy. Не also had а backpack on his back for school. 1 was happy for the Ьоу, yet still
sad for all of the others who undoubtedly didn’t get the help they had needed. Later on, Angela
showed us some videos that illustrated how some countries used to Ье the third-world, but are now
no longer. They used to have the same proЫems as countries like Djibouti. She showed us how
these countries were once full of poverty and how they were transformed with the help of foreign
aid. То see how the people of those countries are no longer living in extreme conditions brought
some solace back to me.
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    As а result of the lecture, 1 leamt that it does not actually take that much effort to help
    children in third world countries. An option we were suggested was to get together to raise money
    for charities, which provide things that these children don’t have access to. It is hard to know how
    much of what is donated goes directly to the children in poverty, yet I would like to believe that
    even а little can mean so much to these children.

Even though I naturally want to hold on to what I have, I have no excuses for not supporting
children and families in desperate need around the world. 1 know that even the most minimal
effort can change the lives of so many unfortunate people. 1 would like to change the attitudes of
people in regards to this epidemic for the sake of the world. 1 believe that no one should Ье forced
to live in poverty, and no one has chosen to live in it. Тоо many children die every day; it’s truly
something that shocks and depresses me.

It is amazing that some countries have managed to bounce back from poverty thanks to
foreign aid. I think that foreign aid might Ье the best, if not the only, option for the millions of
children and families in poverty around the world to get help in a way that is extremely beneficial
to them. Nо one wants to Ье born into poverty and I feel true soпow and remorse for these
unfortunate people in our world. 1 think that if you have an education, food, clothing, and any other
liberties you would find in first world countries, you should act upon this now. The fact that we,
and many other countries, are no longer in poverty, is no excuse to not help. This is the reason
why I’ve decided to donate to charity.

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