A Human Being

What is a “Human Being?” The Oxford dictionary defines a human being as a man, or woman
distinguished from other animals by having a superior mental development, coherent speech and
an upright posture. What makes an ideal man in any social setting may be highly determined by
the society within which the subject human identifies with, which are determined by the societal
social standards and ethics, defined by the subject’s societal cultural norms, beliefs, practices and
spirituality. There are various qualities of an ideal human being which almost everyone strives to
achieve, to express the inner good self. These characteristics are; Equality, nobility, equity,
integrity, truthfulness, kindness, honesty, courage, common sense, emotionally open, confident,
generous, self-awareness (Danielson, C. 2009).
The personality of every individual with intent to attain ideals will always seek to acquire, be
seen to reveal and actually reveal the stated characteristics, with self and with and to others.
Equality; this is one character that is sought by every sane human being who obviously has or
seeks to have other good traits, such as equity, kindness, honesty and equitable. This is a
characteristic that determines how humans wants to be treated by others, irrespective of social
status, skin color, fame or even wealth. Equality highlights the fact of all beings to be equal
because of the factor that the natural state of human being apart from gender (being male or
female), demonstrates equality (Danielson, C. 2009).
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Having a noble character is so desirable that every human being wants to acquire and be
identified as noble. This is one true characteristic that separates human’s actions over issues,
especially horrific or catastrophes, from animals, or less ideal human beings. This is the
characteristic that makes a man see a child walking over to a deadly cliff and makes the subject
rush to save the child from falling over the cliff, knowing all too well he could as well slip and
fall himself. It is the characteristic that makes a person jump into a burning house seeking to save
the entrapped people, assuming the risk of burning together with the entrapped. (Agar, N. 2005).
This is a characteristic that is intertwined with courage. Courage is one character that makes
some people stand out from others. This characteristic is properly spelt out by historical events
and circumstances where some individuals are found to stand against ideas, people, organizations
or even governments that tend to propagate, advocate or enforce ideas and practices that are
against the concerned people’s beliefs and wishes. Such people can be represented by heroic
characters such as Martin Luther King Junior, who would rather die speaking out their feelings
and beliefs, than live in fear and intimidation (Oborne, D. J. 1993).
A human being cannot be ideal if the characteristic of equity or fairness is not part of him.
Nature has put all human beings in one basically a common platform for their existence. The
nature provides all the necessities of human existence, that is, water, air, earth, fire and any other
principal necessity for human existence, freely and equitably. Any ideal human will feel it
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possible and necessary to make it possible for the other human to access and utilize these
necessities (Oborne, D. J. 1993).
Integrity is another important characteristic of an ideal human being. This illustrates observance
to ethics and morals of the subject’s societal beliefs and practices. An ideal human being will not
forego this characteristic for things like fortune or fame. This is a very common characteristic
that is sacrificed by many people, either to acquire wealth or to become famous. Many people
have abandoned their religious beliefs and practices and very good and human cultural practices
in order to identify with the rich and famous. This is so because people fail to understand that
integrity is one strong characteristic that can make anyone acquire other things people give value
to, such as wealth and fame. Most admired famous characters have practiced relatively
noticeable level of integrity in what they do or practice. Such famous people are Mother Theresa
and Mahatma Gandhi.
Truthfulness is another characteristic that any human being seeks to have. To be an ideal human
being, one must be truthful to themselves and to others. One has to be very sincere and honest as
a human being. A human being finds it difficult to reveal truthfulness and honesty because they
have some hidden motives that they don’t want other people to know, because people do not
approve of them for any ideal human being.
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Kindness safeguards people from the heartaches of any kind. People who demonstrate and
practice kindness usually keeps other people feeling safe and their interests taken into
consideration. People who are kind tend to focus more on other people’s welfare ahead of their
own, making them seem heroic and noble. Kindness is like light, it attracts other people and the
cycle of goodness revolves all kind people practicing it.

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