There has been growing concern on the influx in numbers of unaccompanied
minors arriving in the European Union states. It is however difficult to establish the exact
number of these kids who make entry into the EU. This is because of the fact that some
of them sneak their way into the EU countries, being unnoticed by the authorities in the
process. Most of them are often seeking asylum, especially those from African countries
that are laden by wars. Those claiming to be minors sometimes give untrue information
regarding their age, thereby skewing the magnitude of this menace. The menace is not
only experienced in EU nations but the same situation is also happening across the
border in the United States of America where children from Central America flock their
way into the US border in pursuit of the American dream. This essay will therefore focus
on the impact of unaccompanied minors in the migration process and how it affects their
lives in the places they move into.
For Europe it is not known in terms of the exact number of unaccompanied
minors who cross the borders without claiming asylum. Those claiming to be minors
sometimes mislead those in authority regarding their exact age, hence it is quite difficult
to tell how old they actually are. There are, however, several types of legal restrictions
which have resulted in the implementation of several types of age testing methods that
have been put in place to ascertain the age of the minors. From the statistics by EMN,
most the unaccompanied minors into the UK claim to be asylum seekers. Some of the
leading asylum seeking unaccompanied minors in the UK includes the following
nationals: Somali, Afghan, Nigeria, Eritrea, and Iraqi. Of these five, four of them have a
high asylum protection Rate.
The influx of Somali and Eritreans unaccompanied minors has been of great
concern to Sweden in the recent past. Most of the unaccompanied minors from Africa
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come from West African countries like Guinea and Ivory Coast. Most of these
unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in Europe are between the age of 17 and 18
And are mostly male. The minors go through quite a hassle to access entry into Europe,
with some impersonating others, hopping the border, and stealing and robbing their way
as they make way across the region. This is quite an alarming trend that needs
attention. For instance, the Somali minors, through an organized crime cartel, make
quite a journey through Addis Ababa, making a stop in Sudan where they are taken via
small convoys through Libya and Egypt. Such cartels are some of the contributors to
this increased rate of unaccompanied minors gaining entry into Europe.
To strengthen child protection, the EU and its member states must come up with
an action plan that will result in the protection of these minors. This includes engaging in
collaborative initiatives with other countries affected by this menace to break down the
cartels that profit from the trafficking of minors into Europe. This would go a long way in
breaking down those who benefit the most from exposing minors to such inhumane
conditions. European Union member states must also come up with laws that reduce
the detention time of these minors before they are allowed asylum in European
countries. The negative side to this is the fact that this results in exposure of the
children to very inhuman conditions because of the large numbers putting a lot of
pressure on available resources. Passage and enactment of such like laws and policies
would ensure that the pending immigration cases on unaccompanied minors are fast
cleared by the immigration officials. This will ensure the effective strength of the
European Union as regards to this menace is dealt with.
The fate of almost fifty thousand children from Central America is in question
under the US laws on humanitarian values. The concept of separation of children from
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their parents and their families comes into play as to whether it is morally or legally right
to deport these children back to their mother countries with the lack of justification of
them seeking asylum in the US. This has become the greatest concern as regards to
the influx of unaccompanied children in the US. Most of these children who arrive in the
US are mostly from countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The journey
to cross the Grande Rio valley into Texas is quite a dangerous and risky journey by the
children in their quest to meet up with their parents. The statistics from the border patrol
in 2014 reveal a disturbing trend that almost 90000 unaccompanied children are
apprehended by the authorities as they make attempts to cross into the border.
These figures are quite enormous and it is quite impossible for such a huge
number of children to be housed and processed in immigration courts. This puts a strain
on the resources available. The immigration law in the US stipulates that these children
have to wait for over 2 years for a court hearing, and thus they are dispatched to stay
with family members who vouch for their appearance in court. Such a provision allows
for parents to be reunited with their children as they are able to attend school within that
time, hence raising hope of the child remaining in the US.
Several factors contribute to the increased number of unaccompanied children
migrants. This includes the following: poverty and youth unemployment in their mother
countries, violence in Central America, and criminal networks that provide trafficking
routes for unaccompanied children. This therefore calls for a reaction by Federal law
enforcement authorities. It could include the hunting down and prosecuting criminals
who reap rewards from the entry of these unaccompanied children into the US,
thorough screening of these children to determine the validity of their claim of seeking
asylum, quick resolution of special immigration status and refugee asylum, and clearing
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the backlog of cases of immigration cases that leads to an increase in the number of
The analysis above has given an in-depth insight on the immigration nightmare of
unaccompanied minors into the EU and the US. From the analysis, it is evident the
great role that the relevant stakeholders have to play to put to an end this menace.

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