The most frequent diagnosis for children who commit act of violence against other children is antisocial personality disorder

In studies examining gender differences and juvenile crime, recent research has shown that the gender gap for drug and violent offenses is getting smaller

The Girls Study Group found that girls fight more frequently at home with parents that do boys.

Juveniles as a group are responsible for a small percentage of arrests compared with adults, although they are arrested disproportionately compared with other age groups

Children with callous-unemotional traits lack emphatic concern for others

According to the coercive perspective, gender differences in antisocial behavior are the result of
Different social reinforcements.

All of the following are status offenses EXCEPT
cocaine use

Which type of prevention consists of working with children and adolescents who demonstrate some early signs of aggressive, antisocial, conduct disorder, or delinquent behavior but have not yet been formally classified as delinquent?

The stage of development described in Moffitt’s 2002 follow-up study in which young people flounder, choosing not to occupy traditional adult roles such as marriage or parenthood is called..
emerging adult

What is the name of the two-pronged selective prevention program that was based on developmental principles and targeted multiple risk factors in high-risk children
Fast Track Experiment

Waaktaar et al. (2004) conducted a study to explore how resilience or protective factors could be used to help at risk youths. The research targeted four resilience factors for the therapeutic intervention. What were these four factors?
Positive peer relations, self-efficacy, creativity, and coherence

How many states tried as adults in criminal courts under certain conditions and for certain offenses?

Scott Henggeler and his colleagues have designed a treatment approach for serious juvenile offenders that is responsive to many of the social systems influencing the child’s delinquent behavior. This treatment is called
multi-systemic therapy.

Research suggests that serious juvenile offenders

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