Write an essay on whether criminals are born or made.

Write an essay on whether criminals are born or made? What do you think about early theories of criminality? Specifically how “the idea of criminality might have a biological origin”? (Beccalossi 2013, 41). Lambroso unofficially coined the term ‘a born criminal.’ What do you think of Lambroso’s early theory of criminality rooted in biology? How has the narrative evolved since then? What do you think about this early theoretical emphasis on ‘occasional criminals’ vs. ‘born criminals’?
Jeroslow highlights examples of classic anthropological studies (small scale societies, gangs, mafiosi) and more contemporary studies (body trade, effects of post-colonizationation, etc.); how do you think globalization has impacted these trades? Had you given any previous thought to illicit trades like weapons, drugs or body trafficking? Can you think of other globalized trades that impact people on a local level?

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